The Vegan Keto Diet For Healthy Weight Loss, Energy & Longevity

The Vegan Keto Diet For Healthy Weight Loss, Energy, & Longevity

You’ve probably heard for years about the dangers of consuming too much fat or the necessity of eating lean meats and low-fat dairy. The ketogenic diet sways away from these ideas about fat and instead promotes a seemingly paradoxical argument that eating fat will actually help you lose fat.

So, how does this diet work since it seems to go against what we have been told about the role of fat formerly?

Why Is It Called the Ketogenic Diet and How Does It Work?

The ketogenic diet switches your body’s normal way of generating energy from carbohydrates and sugar to running exclusively off of fat. When you replace your carbohydrate intake with fat, your liver begins to metabolize your fat stores and your dietary intake of fat into energy molecules called ketones. These ketones are then used to supply your brain with energy.

The repetitive state of using ketones for energy is called ketosis. That’s why we call the diet the ketogenic diet or keto for short.

What are the Issues with a Traditional Keto Diet?

The ketogenic can provide several benefits such as weight loss, increased memory and concentration, decreased inflammation, sustained energy, and stabilized blood sugar for those with diabetes. However, there is some debate on whether or not keto is healthy.

The Harvard School of Public Health currently believes that research on the diet is not complete and typically focuses on short-term benefits. They worry that higher risk individuals such as the elderly and those with chronic health problems will participate in the diet when more research needs to be done regarding the safety of the diet. Very few studies even question what the diet might do to your health long term.

A few of the negatives that have been associated with the traditional way of following the ketogenic diet include:

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet has been around for thousands of years. This way of eating was practiced by many as a way to live more peacefully and to remain healthy.  

The long-term effects of the plant-based diet have been shown to be beneficial. The China Study by Dr. Thomas Colin Campbell is a comprehensive study of nutrition that reviewed the effects of animal product consumption on humans for the course of twenty years.

65 countries in rural China were surveyed. Dr. Campbell concluded that people who ate a primarily plant-based diet lived longer, weighed less, and had low to no risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

The plant-based diet may be very healthy. But, if you want to lose weight faster or manage health concerns like diabetes or epilepsy with keto, the vegan keto diet could be a great option.

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